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Product Care


Our swim shorts are made from 100% polyester. When wearing your swim shorts we recommend rinsing them in cold water before and after swimming in the ocean or pool. 

To wash the swim shorts, turn the swimsuit inside-out, and place the suit in a mesh laundry bag to prevent snags and stretching. Set the washer to the gentle cycle and use cold water and a gentle detergent. 

If possible, we recommend hand washing the garment. The washing machine can be too abrasive for the fabric, which can cause the fabric to shrink faster and thereby get damaged. This comes from the heat of the water in the machine. Avoid harsh detergents, as they can cause the fabric to fade easily.

The most appropriate way to dry your swim shorts is to air dry them in a shaded area. Avoid  direct sunlight, as it causes the swimming materials to fade faster.

When poolside, beware of rough surfaces, as rough or jagged edges snag and abrade your swimsuit. Sunscreen, tanning oils, and cosmetics pose a risk to our swim shorts. Too much exposure can cause discolouration and damage, thereby leaving stains that can remain stagnant on the fabric.


Linen is a sustainable fiber made from the stalk of a flax plant and is one of the most comfortable, lightweight and quick drying materials. 

To maintain the quality of your linen garments, we recommend washing on a cold wash (under 20 degrees) using little to no chemical products. Avoid washing with other non-linen garments, as these items can damage the linen fabric. 

When drying your linen avoid hangers and instead lay the item on a flat surface in a shaded area (out of direct sunlight). Do not tumble dry, as this can lead to the garment shrinking and damaged fibers. Always read the care instructions label on your garment, to ensure you get longevity out of the item. 

Linen typically creases as you wear it. Prior to applying direct heat to the garment, we suggest dampening it before to ease the fibers. Steaming is always preferred to ironing.


Cotton is made from the natural fibers of the cotton plant. It is the most popular material used in the world and is very simple to care for. 

Wash in cool water (under 30 degrees) whether in the washing machine or by hand. Once the garment is washed, stretch it out slightly to ensure it dries back to the original shape. 

We recommend air drying on a flat surface, out of direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry. Exposing garments to lengthy periods of heat at high temperatures damages fibres and shrinks garments. Always refer to your garment’s label for precise care instructions.

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