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Summer is the perfect time to go to the beach, lounge by the pool, or enjoy a much needed vacation to your favourite destination. When it comes to packing for these sunny adventures, having the right swimwear is essential. This ultimate summer packing guide will ensure you're prepared with the perfect swimwear options for any occasion. From classic board shorts to trendy swim trunks, we've got you covered with style and comfort in mind. 

Pictured: 'The Hamptons' swim short

1. Classic Board Shorts:

A timeless choice of board shorts are versatile and practical. Opt for neutral colours, for a classic and sophisticated look.

Our recommendations would be:

'Mykonos', 'The Hamptons', 'St Barth', 'Nice', 'Naxos' and 'Oslo'.

Pictured: 'Barbados' swim short

2. Stylish Swim Trunks:

For a more fashion-forward approach, consider packing a pair of stylish swim trunks. Look for trunks with interesting prints, geometric patterns, or tropical designs to make a statement. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colours and designs to add a touch of personality to your beach attire. 

Our recommendations would be: 

'St Tropez', 'Savanna', 'Barbados', 'Corfu', 'Honolulu', 'Lisbon' and 'Lyon'

Pictured: 'S/S Blue Stripe Linen Shirt' and 'Linen Pants White'

3. Linen

Men's linen clothing exudes an effortless style that is both classic and contemporary. Linen shirts offer a relaxed and sophisticated look when paired with our swim shorts. Linen pants are another stylish choice, providing a laid-back yet refined aesthetic when paired with a linen or cotton shirt. 

Linen is a great option for layering during cooler summer evenings. The breathability of linen ensures you stay comfortable, whilst still looking stylish. 

Pictured: 'Frequent Flyers Cap Off White'

4. Sun-Protective Accessories:

Don't forget to protect yourself from the UV rays while enjoying the sunshine. Vacay Swimwear provides a range of stylish caps and hats that offer sun protection without compromising on style. These accessories not only provide practical sun protection but also add extra style to your beachside look.

Pictured: 'Tote Bag Blue'

5. Beach Bag:

A day at the beach requires a tote bag to carry all your essentials. Vacay Swimwear offers 3 different coloured totes that are both functional and fashionable. Made with durable materials that can hold your sunscreen, towel, water bottle, and other beach necessities. 

With this ultimate summer packing guide, you'll be ready to embrace the sun, sand, and surf with confidence. There are swimwear options to suit every style and preference. Pack your favourite swimwear, linen and accessories and get ready to make the most of your summer adventures in style!

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